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In the aftermath of 911, I struggled with the question about why we respond from a place of retaliation, revenge and tit-for-tat violence. I wondered about the origin of this behavior, and how I might…

By Dr. Larry Lincoln

October 23, 2019


Donald was fifth generation Aussie.  His family emigrated from England in the 19thcentury and became successful landowners and entrepreneurs.  His great grandfather built the local country club, and his family presided over the membership ever…

By Dr. Larry Lincoln

August 26, 2019


The word “boundaries” has become a common psychological buzzword. I hear, and have probably given, much advice to others about their needing to set firmboundaries with theirparents, theirkids, theirco-workers and even theirboss.  It’s so easy…

By Dr. Larry Lincoln

August 8, 2019

The Seduction of Victimhood

In Reclaiming Banished Voices, I spend two chapters on the Victim Triangle, fleshing out the causes of dysfunctional patterns of behavior, which keep us trapped in the familiar, and even habitual, roles of victim, rescuer,…

By Dr. Larry Lincoln

July 25, 2019


In Reclaiming Banished Voices, I explain how unresolved losses, parental expectations and neglect can impact our most important relationships and effect our performance at work. From my medical diary about 10 years ago: I awaken, look…

By Dr. Larry Lincoln

July 11, 2019

But It Takes Too Much Time

The practice of medicine is unpredictable.  Schedules are interrupted by emergency visits, requests by other physicians to see their infectious disease or dying patients in the hospital, unexpected admissions to the hospice in-patient unit, concerns…

By Dr. Larry Lincoln

July 9, 2019

Elisabeth's 15 second rule

One of my favorite sayings of Elisabeth Kubler-Ross was her 15-second rule: if you react to an event longer than 15 seconds, it is triggering old, unfinished business.  Clearly, the 15 seconds is symbolic. Our…

By Dr. Larry Lincoln

July 2, 2019